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Week 2 statistics are up. Click on the links below to view:
 2020 Player Statistics 

It's been a while, but I hope that this message will meet 
everyone in joy and good health. Greetings, happiness and 
blessings to all.
The aim of the executive is to receive a feedback from each
team as to whether your team is available for the 2022 card
season. This information is important, as it will allow us to 
plan our schedule and number of days to rent the hall. 
 Out of concern for everyone's health and wellbeing, we 
are insisting that guests and players be fully vaccinated.(both
shots and proof) Please respond to one of the following:
  Ramesh Maharaj     Sais Madansingh   Khemraj Ramnarine
204.284.1036         204.781.9443        204.981.0661
        That's all for now, keep well and stay safe.
       Ramesh Maharaj


Many thanks to Lincoln Chan & Jim Baksh for putting these files together.