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Week 2 statistics are up. Click on the links below to view:
 2020 Player Statistics 

 Once again, we have to say farewell to one of our colleagues.
 Carl loved the game of ALL FOURS. He was not highly competitive
 but always had fun with the players at his table, while having a drink
 or two. Carl was primarily a "Saints" player, but played for other teams
 including "Chutney Boys".
 Carl passed away at his residence in Tampa, Florida during the early
 hours of Monday 23rd November, 2020. Funeral service was held on
 Friday 27th November. 
  Carl will be missed by his family, friends and the Manitoba All Fours 
  Association. Rest in peace my friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with
With Love: Manitoba All Fours Association
Chair: Ramesh Maharaj

Many thanks to Lincoln Chan & Jim Baksh for putting these files together.